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ICP partners with Law Enforcement Agencies, Government, Civil Society Organisations, and the community including children to strengthen the child protection mechanism. Through these partnerships, it seeks to ensure maximised reach to the most deprived and vulnerable sections of society and enable the creation of a just and safe environment promoting every child’s development.

ICP is one of the 161 civil society organisations leading the Child Marriage Free India (CMFI) campaign with an aim to eliminate child marriage in India.


CMFI, a nationwide campaign, is striving to reach the critical tipping point to end child marriage in India by reducing the prevalence of this harmful practice from the current rate of 23.3% to just 5.5% by 2030, creating a society that no longer tolerates child marriage.


To know more about Child Marriage Free India:

Child Marriage Free India

ICP, as a member of the Just Rights for Children Alliance, works to end crimes against children and create a just world for everyone.


The Just Rights for Children Alliance is a confederation consisting of over 160 civil society organisations dedicated to strengthening child protection mechanisms and promoting children’s rights in India, with a particular focus on child sexual abuse, child trafficking, and child marriage. Beyond seeking justice for survivors and their families, the Alliance strives to foster societal change to prevent such crimes from occurring in the first place.


To know more about Just Rights for Children Alliance:

Just Rights for Children Alliance

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