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India has well-defined laws and policies that aim to protect children from all forms of exploitation. However, the lack of awareness and prioritisation of issues of child protection leads to inaction on cases of child protection. ICP works with government stakeholders to strengthen the country's child protection mechanism and justice delivery system. 

  • Judicial intervention at the Apex Court, as a member of Just Rights for Children Alliance, by lodging an appeal contesting a Madras High Court decision regarding a case on child pornography.

  • Intervention with the 22nd Law Commission on the "Age of Consent under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012” report.

  • Working in partnership with State governments across India – 10 MOUs signed with Law Enforcement Agencies (CID and Cybercrime divisions), the Department of Women and Child Development, and the State Legal Services Authority.

  • Punjab Police Academy institutionalised a curriculum on the investigation of CSAM, developed by ICP.

  • Engagement with the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C), established by MHA, in setting up a victim-centric support centre.

  • Facilitated 2 state governments with technology for enhancing the reporting and investigation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) cases.

  • Organised National Symposium with 21 States and 4 State Consultations.

  • cOcOn Conference organised with Kerala Cyberdom to bring all cyber police personnel across the country together for a discussion on the latest technologies and software available for combatting online child sexual abuse.

  • Running counselling centres for victims of online CSA in Kerala’s 4 districts.

  • Ran a 28-day social media campaign on cybercrime ‘#ESurakshit’.

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