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India is home to the largest child and adolescent population in the world, however, 1,62,449 children were victims of crime and exploitation in 2022 and an additional 8 crore children are out of school which makes them more vulnerable to being exploited.


India Child Protection (ICP), established in 2005, is an organisation dedicated to combatting exploitation against children including child trafficking, child sexual abuse (including online incidents), and child marriage. ICP works to strengthen the child protection mechanism and promote children’s rights in India. It adopts a multi-pronged approach to work towards the Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Rehabilitation of children in the most vulnerable parts of the country.

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We envision a world where every child is free, safe, healthy, and educated.

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Our Mission

To protect children by ending impunity for crimes committed against them, promoting behaviour change that prevents crimes against children, and fighting for justice for survivors and their families.


Stop Child Trafficking

Stop Child
Sexual Abuse

Stop Child Marriage

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